How do I lead now?

The world is moving toward a more
humane and sustainable model.

We formed True North Collective to inspire, inform, and guide leaders, brands and organizations along the path.

To focus on the possible, the purposeful and the pure potentiality within and between us.

Where do you stand? Which way are you headed?
How will you reach your own True North?



Organizational & Leadership Consulting

Let’s get all the right people in the room and create a space where you can be brilliant together.

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Putting Our Values Into Practice

We’re rebuilding a small town’s vibrant market as the physical embodiment of our ideals.

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“True north is your orientation. It’s what guides you, what pulls you. It is your higher purpose.

When we trust ourselves, and each other, the path becomes easier.

We launched True North Collective to help you along the path.”

Rachel Ligtenberg, founder

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