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Shaping a Culture of Leadership

Rachel’s been blessed to work and collaborate with wickedly talented colleagues in and out of REI.

Together, this alliance of leaders and thinkers are inspired and equipped to help organizations and leaders step up to solve organizational and societal challenges.


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Ready to Engage


Whether it’s tuning up strategy, crafting values that nudge culture in the right direction, or investing in leadership and talent to serve a changing world, we are ready to engage.

Your customers, employees and community are demanding a new, more humane and sustainable approach.

As an alliance of leaders who have embraced a collective approach to leadership, we bring fresh perspectives and new frameworks to aid you and your organization in the transformation ahead.

It's amazing what can happen when you get all the right people in the room. Crystalize clarity. Forge consensus. Get unstuck.

Together we can embrace the possible and the purposeful and bring about the change you need.

A living case study in transformation

Join our live, community experiment as we rebirth a small town’s vibrant, historic market into the physical embodiment of our ideals.

Let us share our journey and learnings to inspire the shifts you seek in your journey.

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Organizational & Leadership Consulting

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