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For over 125 years, Aldrich’s has been a vital part of daily life in Port Townsend, WA.

Now, in 2020 this iconic market has become a living laboratory and a physical manifestation of True North Collective’s values and approach.

We intend to operate Aldrich's 
with these values:

  • Trust – trust is everything; and, we operate and cultivate trust in our community, partnerships, employees, and selves
  • Service – we are here to serve; and, this market and team will orient to serve our patrons, community and partners
  • Joy – this is an operation of joy and we envision that people leave an Aldrich’s experience with more joy than when they arrived
  • Community – this is the center of the universe and it’s a universe built on the diverse fabric of the community
  • Generosity – we operate from the belief and behaviors that generosity creates abundance and ‘having, actually rests in giving’
  • Impact – we will take the long view and find ways to impact humanity and planet that create a more equitable, sustainable and beautiful world

We intend to operate Aldrich’s 
with this vision:

We intend to create an international marketplace…where neighbors catch up; a great piece of sushi or cheese is procured and ideas and laughs are shared over the perfect cup of coffee.

We intend to curate offerings that resonate and delight; from basic needs to quirky and quality goods from local purveyors, growers and partners.

We intend to engage and create community by listening to our neighbor’s wants and needs. By creating a family, not of blood, but of spirit. By sharing the largesse of the experience through tangible and intangible generosity.

We intend to lead progressively and generously; with mind and pocketbook. The greatest asset an organization has is its employees. We will create an environment where our people are nourished both psychically and financially.

We intend to build Aldrich’s into a strong ‘trunk’ from which, in the future, we branch out into other creative, generative good works.

We intend to partner with people who share these values and vision; together, bringing the full potential of self and Aldrich’s to life.

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Aldrich’s Reopens with Local Connections

Peninsula Daily News: Aldrich’s; the 125 year old market reopened on October 10th to serve the Port Townsend community.

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Aldrich’s Reopens

Port Townsend Leader: Aldrich’s is open and centered on community and a local first approach.

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Aldrich’s to reopen in the fall

Port Townsend Leader; Ligtenberg siblings as new stewards of Aldrich’s.

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Aldrich’s to open in fall

Peninsula Daily News; Ligtenberg siblings as new stewards of 125 year old Port Townsend market.

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Aldrich's Rebirth

New Aldrich’s Owners, Yos, Christa, and Rachel Ligtenberg introduce Nadine’s Kitchen, The Coffee Experience, and Manpuku Sushi.

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A Vision for an Old Market

30 minute conversation with Rachel, Yos, and Christa Ligtenberg and host Chris Bricker.

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