Walk, Hike and Climb Together

Find yourself on the trail

What is your higher purpose?
Let’s take a walk or hike together – in person, or ear buds in – and explore shifts of mind and approach that will best serve you, your team and this changing world.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: "Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny."

We’ll push into this continuum through the lens of this changing world and your interconnected concerns, ideas and goals; planting and nurturing seeds of healthy change and transformation.

After 30 years of leading within a cooperative and across non-profits, I’ve been inspired to consolidate my learning and experiences and share these with others – orienting and leading anew based on the needs and opportunities of this changing world. I love the expansiveness of walking and hiking with others and inviting fresh perspectives and commitments to the shifts needed in strategy, leadership, goals and approach...

“Rachel and I walk and talk our way to fresh perspective and transformation. I’ve been locked in confusion muddied by feelings of confusion, fear, and obligation and unsure of next steps to take. Rachel offers the perfect wisdom at just the right time. Her advice has helped me move forward in a way that reduces personal stress and brings lightness to the process. I credit Rachel with making space for shifts in strategy, leadership and opportunity and allowing me to develop my own personal vision. All through a lens of how to best serve this rapidly changing world."

Meghan Halabisky, PhD

Let's Walk, Hike and
Climb Together

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